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Allergy Testing

We utilize two different types of allergy testing to figure out exactly what is causing you to have your symptoms. Allergy testing is important. Once we figure out exactly what substance or substances (ie. dust, molds, animal dander, pollens, etc.) you are allergic to, we can then create a custom prescription of SmartDrops™ for you to take from the convenience of your home.

The most common way of performing an allergy test is through skin testing. This is performed in our clinic in Schaumburg and Oklahoma and is also known as an intradermal test. Specific things that cause allergic reactions are exposed to your skin and we can then determine if you are allergic to them by the way your skin reacts. Examples of what we test for include various kinds of trees, pollens and pet dander.

We prefer skin testing as it is the gold standard of allergy testing and gives us real-time results so that we can begin your treatment. However, in some cases, a blood test may be performed instead of the skin test. Circumstances in which a blood test may be performed instead of a skin test include patients with asthma, or patients who are on various medications that can block the allergic response.

Once it is determined what a patient is allergic to, treatment can start immediately. Patients are required to take their first set of drops in the office to provide proper instruction.